Evolve Strategy Guide


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Master Every Monster & Character Class

Our detailed breakdowns of every Hunter and Monster help you get the mostfrom your character. Play to your offensive and defensive strengths, regardlessof your role. Trapper, Medic, Support, Assault, and each Monster is covered indetail. Expert “Fighting As” and “Fighting Against” tactics help you eviscerateeach opponent type with lethal efficiency.

Max-Out Your Favorite Perks

Our detailed perk analysis helps you select the buffs and bonuses best suited to your play style. Plus, we reveal how to advance each perk to its top tier.

Turn The Tables

We provide in-depth data and commentary for every weapon and item, each ability,all the equipment, every attack type, and more. Convert your predator into your prey!

Know The Terrain

Complete maps for every level help you plan your pursuit, make the environment your ally, corner your quarry, and complete the kill. We mark spawn points, match objectives, critical landmarks, traps, drop zones, Evolve locations, and more.

That’s Not All!

Player progression, Accolades, Badges, Achievements, unlock new Hunter and Monster characters, upgrades, skins, and more!